The Importer, the Buyer

How do I find international buyers for goods to export? I'm trying to start an import/export business; I have close contacts with the producers. But how do I get into contacting potential buyers online?

Do primary as well as secondary research. Primary research involves use of Exim data to find which countries are getting maximum import from India for your product. Secondary research involves search online about various publications, Exim rates, etc. Once you are ready that your product has sufficient demand

Before marketing, you must have an international corporate website, which shows all your products, certifications, awards, customer testimonials, etc. Regarding Marketing, you can use 2 channels: Offline and online.

Buyer's credit is a short-term loan facility extended to an importer by an overseas lender such as a bank or financial institution to finance the purchase of capital goods, services, and other big-ticket items.

The importer, to whom the loan is issued, is the buyer of goods, while the exporter is the seller.

Buyer’s credit is a very useful financing method in international trade as it gives importers access cheaper funds compared to what may be available locally.

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