Tofiee - Uber model connected shipping logistics

One challenge is the repositioning of empty containers which is almost as costly as moving a full container. Often containers are transported empty because no cargo is found for the return journey. The longer the trucks wait to be loaded, the higher is the charges of maintaining it. We introduce the

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Smart Container

Applications, dashboards for the smart container. Sensors and devices to convert the ordinary container into a smart container.

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Fleet Management Applications

Fleet management applications at an enterprise scale and on mobile apps to carry your data on the go. Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and

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Connected Warehouse

Building the Connected Warehouse. ... Businesses can optimize warehouse performance with real-time data that flows through a centralized warehouse management system (WMS) to synchronize all warehouse processes. KOFIEE’s Connected Warehouse solution is aimed at clients who want to go beyond conventional

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Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent packaging refers to systems that monitor the condition of packaged foods. • These systems provide information on food quality during transport and storage. • We overview the basic principles and market applications of intelligent systems. The terms active packaging, intelligent packaging,

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Business intelligence systems are designed to provide meaningful insights into how your business is performing by ‘mining’ the data in your databases. KOFIEE can develop solutions which provide fast, in-depth analysis and reporting of data held across disparate data sources

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